We recommend changing the heads as dentists do:
Every 3 months  
Any longer than that and the bristles will become too worn and won’t remove plague as effectively.

All aspects of Evermore brush heads are fully recyclable apart from the bristles.

Watch this video to see how to recycle the heads correctly:

VIDEO (click to watch)

Yes. Evermore bristles are majority plant-based. 

They are 60% Bamboo & 40% Nylon.

They do, however, need to be removed before recycling,

The Evermore Toothbrush is an adult toothbrush and is recommended for adult use.

Children over the age of 3, however, can use the toothbrush – just be sure to keep an eye on them, the toothbrush is heavier than a bamboo one.

Stay tuned – there may be child toothbrushes on the way! 


  • Perfect for any drink
    • hot or cold
    • thick or thin
    • smoothies, cocktails, juices… you name it we have a straw for it 
  • Durable & Eco-friendly
    • WiseSip Glass Straws are made from borosilcate glass, a superior type of glass that has high strength and resistance to heat.
    • Glass is made from natural raw materials that simply return to the earth when it breaks down
  • Clean & transparent
    • Glass is so easy to clean… especially with our handy cleaning brushes
    • You can see what your drinking and see when it is clean.

Whatever you like! Our glass straws the perfect addition to any type of drink hot or cold! Take care when drinking hot drinks through them.

WiseSip glass straws are made from thick and robust borosilicate glass, a superior type of glass that has high strength and resistance to heat! The glass has smooth rounded edges, unlike plastic straws, to ensure that they are not sharp.

Borosilicate glass is, however, not invincible and can break occasionally. We do believe that our glass straws are safe for children to use if they are supervised by an adult.

On our larger straws we’ve added cork protection to help prevent breakage from dropping them… the first in the world to do so!!

We do recommend examining the straw whilst cleaning it before its first use to make sure it is free from cracks and perfect for your drink!!

Aswell as being the perfect addition to your drink, our straws help look after your teeth too!…

  • Less enamel deterioration
    • Acidic drinks like lemonade and cocktails are less likely to come into contact with your teeth
    • Lesser contact results in lesser tooth sensitivity and less risk of enamel deterioration 
  • Lesser tooth staining 
    • Coffee and tea are less likely to stain your enamel
    • Key if you’re a coffee lover like we are!
  • Helps prevent cavities 
    • Sugary drinks sipped straight through a cup leave residue on teeth
    • Drinking through a straw directs the sugar past the teeth and reduces the risk of cavities

more info on this can be found here Benefits of drinking out of a straw


  • Unbreakable
    • Scratch-proof
    • Anti-rust (18/8 Food-Grade Stainless Steel)
    • Corrosion resistant (suitable for acidic drinks)  
  • Eco-friendly material
    • Infinitely recyclable
    • Does minimal harm if it were to reach the environment
  • Low energy ‘recyclability’
    • Once manufactured stainless steel takes relatively small amount of energy to be able to be used again and dosen’t lose its quality ! This makes stainless steel a great eco-friendly material!

Stainless steel straws will last a lifetime, they are 100% reusable and 100% recyclable – much more eco-friendly than single-use plastic!

On average it is estimated that one person will use 85 single-use plastic straws every year. By purchasing 1 of our stainless steel straws and using it for life, you could be preventing over 5,000 plastic straws from entering our oceans. 


People that have used lower quality stainless steel straws may note that they leave a metallic taste in your mouth… Our stainless steel straws are made from high grade 304 [18/8] stainless steel. 

This is the same grade that leading reusable water bottle manufacturers use for their products. No metallic taste – just happy sippin’.


The Evermore toothbrush is designed to last and will look amazing on your bathroom shelf.

Changing the heads:

We recommended giving the top of the handle a quick clean with a wet cloth to keep it as fresh as the day you bought it.

Travel care:

Keep your Evermore Toothbrush travel-safe with one of our Organic Jute Bags – they help stop scuffs and scrapes fit and perfectly within them.

Watch this video to see how 3 tips on looking after your toothbrush:

VIDEO (click to watch)

Yes they are – though we recommend they are washed by hand.

Jute is a fantastic sustainable material but one of its drawbacks is it can shrink sometimes if machine washed on a hot cycle. We therefore suggest washing by hand with a light soap and luke warm water.

It will clean easily unless stained.

Always keep the straws stored in its Organic Jute Bag when not being used. 

We recommend hand washing where possible with the cleaning brush. It’s the fastest and best way to wash.


We ship to the UK, Europe, the USA & Canada using the the Royal Mail® International courier service. 

We will email you as when your order has been both received and shipped!

We send you email confirmation as soon as you place your zero-waste order with us.

Before checking out, be sure to double check your shipping information to ensure you can put your straws to good work as soon as possible!

We ship within 24hrs of your purchase from Monday through to Friday.

On the weekends we take breaks to walk on the beaches, cleaning as we go, sip smoothies/juices and enjoy life!

We, and our couriers, don’t ship on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day – January 1st
  • Day after New Year’s Day – January 2nd 
  • Good Friday – (Date varies yearly)
  • Easter Monday – (Date varies yearly)
  • Early May Bank Holiday – (Date varies yearly)
  • Spring Bank Holiday – (Date varies yearly)
  • Summer Bank Holiday – (Date varies yearly)
  • Christmas Day – 25th December
  • Boxing Day – Saturday 26th December 

We ship from our site in Tynemouth right by the coast! 

Tynemouth is a beautiful coastal town near Newcastle-upon-tyne.


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