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We have had the ‘Stone Age’, the ‘Bronze Age’ and the ‘Iron Age’… but will the ‘Age’ we live in be remembered as the ‘Plastic Age’ in years to come?

With over 300 million tonnes of plastic being produced every year, it certainly feels like it. Given that around 50% of the plastic we produce is for single-use purposes which heads straight to landfill this is a pretty horrible thing to be remembered as!

Plastic waste pollutes. If it reaches the environment it can kill wildlife, which is a particularly prevalent issue in our oceans. Indeed, around 1 million seabirds and 100,000 mammals die every year due to plastic waste and we want to be a part of reducing this rate. 

Sourcing and using eco-friendly products as alternatives to single-use plastic is a great way to cut down on our plastic consumption. In the world today, however, it seems to be difficult to find truly eco-friendly products. These are products whose every element can ether be reused, recycled or repurposed. This is largely down to the incorporation of plastic within their designs.

WiseSip was created to help fill that void. We design and assemble our own range of reusable products here in the UK and every aspect is either reusable, recyclable or repurposable. 

We strive to make a difference and want the current ‘Age’ to be known as the “Eco-friendly Age” not the “Plastic Age”. By sharing information to help people reduce their plastic consumption and by designing truly reusable, eco-friendly products that put nature first we aim to make this a reality.

Founding WiseSip

My name is Sam, I am the founder and product designer here at WiseSip.

I have loved design for as long as I can remember and studied it all the way through my education. In 2018 I graduated from Newcastle University and became a design and manufacture engineer at last – finally the journey to changing the world through design could begin.

I believe that we are all here to make a positive difference both to ourselves and the people/world around us! I wanted to put my engineering knowledge to good use and tackle a real-world problem that seems to be getting worse and worse.

I learnt of the damage plastic pollution does to the world both in the oceans and to the wildlife and I, feeling quite horrified, immediately wanted to take action to reduce the 8 million pieces of plastic that enter our oceans daily.

To begin my journey tackling this plastic problem, I decided to try and do something that would embody all my zero-waste and eco-friendly values, so I started WiseSip.

My vision for WiseSip was to:

  • Provide people with information to help them reduce their plastic consumption,
  • Offer unique, reusable, products designed here in the UK to give everyone an alternative option to using single use-plastic.

In order to grow and become a brand whose message could make a difference I needed to design products that not only helped preserve nature but were built to last for my customers too! 

To begin with, the going was tough and I found it challenging trying to understand which materials were the most eco-friendly, which were best avoided and making people aware of the eco-friendly products I was offering.  

Today we have a small range of products that have been designed with nature in mind. We have started our eco-friendly product range by designing unique, reusable drinking straw products. With the support and backing of eco-friendly minded followers, individuals and companies we hope to grow and spread our message far and wide to make a difference in the world. (some other reusable products are already being explored and conceptualised!)

WiseSip based in Tynemouth
Tynemouth Longsands Bay

Our eco-friendly products

We are based in Tynemouth, a beautiful coastal town near Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the North East of England. Dolphins and seals can sometimes be seen swimming in the bays and the cliffs are a haven for a wide range of sea-birds!

At every stage in the design process we consider the impact our products will have on nature, from the product’s initial concept to its end of life (EOL).

By designing and assembling all of our unique, reusable products ourselves we get to choose and combine only the best materials to make truly unique products! 

Check out our range of reusable products here: Our Products

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