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Reusable metal and glass straws are a fantastic reusable and durable alternative to both single-use plastic straws, which harm our environment, and flimsy paper straws, which often disintegrate in fizzy drinks before you are able to finish them.


With reusable straws growing in popularity many are asking how they work and how to use them correctly! This short article covers how you clean metal and glass straws and how you know when they are clean… its surprisingly easy!

Metal and glass straws are not only the most popular types of reusable straw, they are also some of the easiest to clean providing they are made from high quality materials (we’ll refer to high quality as premium in this article) and you have the correct tool for the job.

How to clean metal & glass straws: 2 methods

1. Using a Dishwasher

Provided the straws are made from premium grades (we will explain these), both metal and glass straws are 100% dishwasher safe!

If you want to deep clean the straws or have a large amount of straws in the house and have used them for a party then the dishwasher is the way forward for sure!

Premium Glass Straws: ‘Dishwashing’

Premium glass straws are made from borosilicate glass, a superior type of glass that is durable, heat resistant & 100% dishwasher safe!

For a deep clean; simply place the borosilicate glass straws into the dishwasher and start the cycle! Since the reusable straws are made from glass you’ll be able see that they’re crystal clean when you take them out.

Premium Metal (Stainless Steel) Straws: 'Dishwashing'

When choosing your metal straws look out for terms like 304, 316, 18/8 & 18/10 these are food-grade stainless-steel types that all of the best metal straws are made from.

Provided your straws are made from the above grades they’ll be:

  • Food-Safe,
  • Free from metallic taste
  • 100% dishwasher safe.

The benefit of metal straws is that they are very durable but the drawback is, unlike glass straws, you can’t see through them to see if they are clean.

Dishwashing stainless steel straws will clean them though to be 100% sure you may wish to use a cleaning brush…

Currently, the materials used for some products can be detrimental to the environment both in their extraction from the earth and also the disposal when the product comes to the end of its lifetime.

2. Using a cleaning brush

If you don’t have a dishwasher or want to quickly clean your straws you’ll need a cleaning brush.

Cleaning brushes are small wire brushes that fit into the reusable straw. Provided with most reusable straw sets, cleaning brushes are really handy and clean premium metal and glass straws very quickly.

To clean using a cleaning brush

  • Place the reusable straw under running water so that water is flowing through the straw.
  • Using a mild soap, run the cleaning brush through the straw on both sides.
  • Wipe the outside of the straw, rinse away the soap and your straw is clean. Leave to air dry or using a cloth.

Cleaning brushes clean the straw much faster than dishwashing and they ensure that they are 100% clean

Final Thoughts

Choosing to reuse is such an important step to building a cleaner planet and using reusable straws is a great way to start your eco-friendly journey.

Cleaning metal and glass straws is a simple process just make sure to purchase premium quality straws and buy a set that it includes a cleaning brush.  If you’re wanting to use your premium straws on-the-go a storage bag would also be useful.

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