Majority Plant-based Bristles

Plastic-free Handle


Approved by Dentists

Evermore Bamboo Toothbrush


A unique, sustainable toothbrush that’s better for you and more sustainable for the planet.

What’s Included:
1x Stainless Steel Handle (choose your colour)
1x Brush Head + Cork Spacer 
Recyclable Tube Packaging

* Majority plant-based bristles

* 5 Star Rating from all customers *

WiseSip Evermore Bamboo Toothbrush

A Bamboo Toothbrush with a Sustainable Twist

Drive for a more sustainable lifestyle & FEEL GOOD about it!

We never feel good knowing our plastic toothbrushes head to landfill or the oceans after they’re thrown away. We’re making a change. Evermore helps you drive for more sustainable habits with every brush, here’s how: 

Premium Stainless Steel Handle- built to last, keep & reuse 
Bamboo Brush Head – Simply Twist & Lock into Position 
Majority Plant-Based Bristles – Provide an excellent clean that’s kinder to the planet.


Hannah Millgate
Hannah Millgate
A great toothbrush that will definitely last for life. Solidly constructed, stands up nicely and does the job! I haven’t had an issue with the bristles falling out like I have with some other brushes I’ve tried. I would recommend this product to others.
CHun yin To
CHun yin To
Jacob Turner
Jacob Turner
Bought my Evermore Toothbrush a while back and a absolutely love it. It is an incredibly well designed toothbrush. I like the weight of the handle (feels nice in the hand and can stand up on its end. So no more bristles touching soap or grimy sinks), the replacing of the brush head when worn out, and that fact along side this this has been designed to be as sustainable as possible. Each part either can be compostable (if not there is an endeavour to improve this) , sourced from sustainable sources and fully recycled. All this for a fair price and great customer service. A lot of thought has gone into this toothbrush and it shows!
Alyssa Sanchez
Alyssa Sanchez
I’ve been using the WiseSip toothbrush for almost 2 weeks now and love it! I was surprised by the weight of it at first but I really like that about it & you soon get used to it:) I also bought the travel bag which is super handy, I don’t like to keep my toothbrush in the bathroom so keep it in the little bag in my room and it makes it so easy. Will definitely be buying from here again once I need a new toothbrush head and would deffo recommend!
Your Nuts Wholefoods
Your Nuts Wholefoods
We have only good things to say about WiseSip products. They are top quality and loved by our customers. We became a stockist over a year ago and so far we have 100% positive feedback from our customers and we love using them in our household too. Sam is always great to deal with and we are happy to be able to support his great small business. We’re looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next!
Amy Turk
Amy Turk
My dad gifted me the ultimate glass straw set and it comes beautifully packaged! I’ve used the thicker straw for a smoothie and it’s so much better than any I’ve used before. Super easy to clean and they look so smart. Can’t recommend enough 🙌🏼
Andrea Beattie
Andrea Beattie
I purchased the Evermore toothbrush to take away camping. The organic jute travel pouch is perfect for protecting the brush when it is in my washbag and fact that is stands up is not only a genius idea but it’s extremely hygienic. I love the passion and ethos of this business with their plastic free packaging and one tree planted for every order.
Louise Wright
Louise Wright
I ordered a very late birthday present of a wiseSip toothbrush set for my husband, never expecting to receive it in time for his birthday on new years day, but it was delivered in person on new years eve the same day I had placed the order, I had put a note on my order asking if they would be able to send it as soon as possible. Sam went above and beyond, I cannot recommend WiseSip enough for their innovative product and their excellent service.
ollie pearse
ollie pearse
Darragh Binchy
Darragh Binchy
I have one of the Evermore toothbrushes. Great quality and really nice, sleek design. I've no reason to use any other toothbrush any more especially since the heads are replaceable once worn out

Evermore Toothbrush

Proudly Designed in the U.K.

Built to Last, Not to Harm

Each material has been carefully chosen to provide the best possible product whilst keeping nature & the planet in mind.

99.9% Plastic-free

We are working on resolving the final 0.01% but the idea of using the only fit-for-purpose bristle alternative (Wild Boar hair) just doesn’t match our brand values.

Evermore Toothbrush

Proudly Designed in the U.K.

Designing Evermore Toothbrush

Twist & Lock Replaceable Heads

Our unique Twist & Lock mechanism makes changing the bamboo heads quick & simple.

We recommend changing the heads every 3 months. 

Premium Stainless Steel Handle

Evermore handles are elegantly designed and features our signature turtle logo on the base of the handle .

It’s crafted from premium stainless steel which recycles forever, makes the product feel amazing to hold and no mould can build up on it. 

Evermore Toothbrush


Evermore Toothbrush


Evermore brush heads are made from MOSO Bamboo, a fast-growing sustainable hardwood that’s 100% biodegradable even if it reaches the oceans.

Evermore brush heads are unique and feature a plastic-free Twist & Lock insert which makes swapping the heads quick and simple.

We chose Bamboo over Bioplastic as Bamboo degrades if it happens to reach the oceans where as Bioplastic does not. 

Most other bamboo toothbrushes use 100% nylon bristles but we wanted to go a step better. 

Evermore uses more planet-friendly bristles making the product 99.9% plastic-free. 

All of our bristles are the same strength (medium) and provide an excellent clean. Made from 60% bamboo & 40% Nylon 4.

Unfortunately, 100% plant-based bristles aren’t yet fit-for-purpose in the toothbrush world. The only plastic-free option would be to use Wild Boar hair, which we are against as we’re a cruelty-free company. 

The Cork gaskets help provide a unique, soft and gentle clean.

Cork is a FANTASTIC material that is truly zero-waste. It does no harm to the cork Oak Tree when with extracted every 9 years and is 100% biodegradeable.

Our Cork is upcycled from the waste of Portuguese wine cork manufacture. 

Evermore Stainless Steel handles are available in 3 colours:

– Rose Gold
– Charcoal Black
– Pearl Silver

The handles are crafted from aerospace-grade #304 stainless steel.

#304 is a premium food-grade steel that will never go moudly in your bathroom like some bamboo toothbrush handles do.

Evermore handles also feature our turtle product logo etched onto the base.

pssst…. if you don’t see our logo on the handle it’s not our product.

Say goodbye to storing your toothbrush in that moudly pot in your bathroom. 

Evermore is self-standing and available in a range of colours. We designed this product to look amazing in your bathroom aswell as being simple, effective & easy to use.

WiseSip Evermore Toothbrush


Our mission is to build a cleaner planet by creating unique reusable alternatives to harmful plastic products. 

Evermore is a 99.9% plastic-free product. Its modular design means that when the planet-friendly parts come to the end of their lives they can be replaced with ease. 

No harm to the oceans, no harm to wildlife and no harm to the planet.


To give back to the planet more that we take we have partnered with a non-profit tree planting organisation One Tree Planted.

One Tree Planted plant trees all across the planet to help restore biodiversity, reforest areas and bring new areas of forest to the world. 

Read more about Our Mission to build a cleaner planet here.