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Lets Party! Make your party the perfect zero-waste get together!
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Our beautiful party packs include:
8x or 12x Reusable Cocktail Straws (Choose Quantity Below)
1 x Handy Cleaning Brush To keep the plastic-free glass ‘squeaky’ clean


– BPA free / non-toxic / dishwasher safe
– Food Grade Borosilicate Glass (very high quality glass)
– CE/EU approved


This set will be shipped in a padded cardboard box within 24hrs of your purchase to ensure you can get partying with them ASAP!

Designed & Assembled in the UK with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Designed and assembled with care in Tynemouth, near Newcastle-upon-Tyne, our Reusable Glass Straw Party Packs were purpose built to tackle the plastic problem. Durable, reusable and safe alternatives to harmful single-use plastic straws!

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WiseSip’s company mission is to reduce the amount of single-use plastic that floods into our oceans every day in order to protect wildlife and the environment. We design and assemble all of our reusable products, including these Reusable Glass Straw Party Packs ourselves!

Glass straws are a fantastic reusable and durable alternative to both single-use plastic straws, which harm our environment, and flimsy paper straws which often disintegrate in fizzy drinks before you’re able to finish them.

At WiseSip we wanted to make these party packs for you to share the zero-waste love…

Whether you’re hosting and want to make your drinks stand out, whether you fancy a tipple whilst in the house or are simply looking for a way to spice up your home bar, these party packs are perfect for you!!

Shorter cocktail straws are best suited to smaller glasses for drinks. Our favourites include classic gin and tonics in short tumblers, iced coffees and Espresso Martini’s.


– 8x or 12x Glass Cocktail Straws (Choose Qty. Above)
– 1 x Handy Cleaning Brush

The glass straws are 100% BPA free, non-toxic, food grade, zero-waste, heat resistant, rust-proof and do not leach any chemicals into your drink or cause any unnatural taste like plastic straws!

Both of the glass straws are 200mm in length- the larger straw is 12mm diameter and the smaller straw is 8mm diameter.

The straws in this set cover all bases. The larger straw is perfect for smoothies, juices and thicker drinks whilst the smaller straw is the perfect all-rounder for all types of drinks whether it’s a classic G&T or a glowing green smoothie!


Once the party is over simply place the straws into the dishwasher ready for next time! For a quicker clean, use the handy cleaning brush provided.

The straws are made from high-strength borosilicate glass and so easy to clean – you can see when they are clean too unlike bamboo, silicone or metal straws.

🌲 PLANTING TREES: We plant a tree for every order including these party packs!

Sustainability is at the heart of zero-waste living & to ensure our planets ecosystems can thrive, we need to give back to nature more than we take.

By planting trees we will give back to the planet more than we take from our paper packaging, thank you cards & shipping emissions.


This is a zero waste product: all of its aspects are designed to be reused.

Our Party Packs will arrive to you in a 100% plastic-free padded packaging for you to reuse or recycle when they arrive to you.

Designed & Assembled in the UK with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our reusable drinking straws are helping reduce the amount of plastic that enters our environment, in fact, we love them so much that we will give you your money back if you don’t too!

100% unique | 100% portable | 100% reusable!

Note: Please remember to clean the straws before their first use

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Dimensions 220 × 140 × 22 mm
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8 Straws + 1 Brush, 12 Straws + 1 Brush