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Ultimate Glass Straw Set (Cork Protection)


A glass straw set with a sustainable difference. The Ultimate Glass Straw set is the worlds to use sustainable, upcycled cork to help protect the glass. The perfect planet-friendly alternative to single-use paper and harmful plastic straws.

The Ultimate Glass Straw Set includes:

1x Ultimate Glass Straw – Protected by cork & perfect for juices, smoothies & thicker drinks
1x Regular Glass Straw – The perfect all-rounder for all drink types
1x Handy Cleaning Brush – Keeps the plastic-free glass squeaky clean
1x Organic Jute Bag – Hardwearing durable plant-fibre storage pouch

Choose to reuse with a unique glass straw set thats designed to last. 

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A Glass Straw with a Sustainable Difference

Glass straws are a fantastic reusable & durable alternative to both single-use plastic straws, which harm our environment, & flimsy paper straws which can disintegrate in fizzy drinks.

We created the Ultimate Glass Straw set so you can enjoy your drinks without any waste at all.

✓ Premium Borosilicate Glass Straws – Plastic-free & heat resistant
Upcycled Cork Sleeve – To help protect the straws
Organic Jute Bag – The perfect home for storage & travel
✓ Handy Cleaning Brush – For quick & simple cleaning

Ultimate Glass Straw

Proudly Designed in the U.K.

A World First

The Ultimate Glass Straw set contains the world’s 1st glass straw to use sustainably harvested, upcycled cork to protect the glass!


Plastic-free Drinking Straws

We chose on the very best materials for our glass straws… no need for harmful plastics. 

WiseSip reducing plastic pollution

Upcycled Cork Sleeve

Helps protect the glass
Reduces rattling noise against taller drinking glass sizes

Upcycled waste from wine cork manufacture. Does no harm to the tree when harvested.

The Perfect Straw Combination

The Ultimate Glass Straw Set includes 2 straw sizes to cover all drink types:

Wide Glass Straw (Cork Protection):  Designed for the thickest of smoothies

Regular Glass Straw : Designed for all drink types 

Ultimate Glass Straw Set


Cork is a truly amazing material that does no harm to the tree when it’s harvested.

Our sustainably sourced cork sleeves are upcycled from the waste of Portuguese wine cork manufacture.

The sleeves are handmade and act to both protect the glass and reduce ‘rattling’ against taller glass sizes.

We think the unique pairing of glass and cork makes this product the Ultimate Glass Straw set.

The Ultimate Glass Straw set contains two glass straws sizes to cover all bases:

Wide Glass Straw: Designed for smoothies juices and thicker drinks but ideal for soft drinks too!

Regular Glass Straw: Designed for all glass sizes and drink thicknesses, it’s the perfect ‘all-rounder’

Both of the straws can also be used with hot drinks – though please take care.

Regular straw:  Clean by placing it directly into the dishwasher or, for a quicker clean, use the handy cleaning brush provided with warm soapy water.

Wide Straw: Hand wash only. Use with the handy cleaning brush to help protect the cork sleeve.

Each straw set arrives to you in an organic jute travel pouch.

Jute is planet-friendly plant-fibre which is very hardwearing. This makes it the perfect home for the straws and cleaning brush.

Be sure to keep all parts of the set in this pouch when taking them on your travels.

Unique Reusable Products, Built to Last, Not to Harm… that’s our tagline and we’re proud of it.

All of our reusable products are designed here at the coast in the UK.

We take time to ensure that every material chosen for our deigns does minimal harm to the planet if they were ever to reach the environment in the quantities used. 

Hot or Cold Drinks WiseSip Glass Straws


Our mission is to build a cleaner planet by creating unique reusable alternatives to harmful plastic products. 

The Ultimate Glass Straw set is a zero-waste product, all aspects have been designed to be kept. We promise, if you look after this product, it will stay with you for life.

No harm to the oceans, no harm to wildlife and no harm to the planet.


To give back to the planet more that we take we have partnered with a non-profit tree planting organisation One Tree Planted.

One Tree Planted plant trees all across the planet to help restore biodiversity, reforest areas and bring new areas of forest to the world. 

Read more about Our Mission to build a cleaner planet here.